Logo Design catered for your business
Ellio provides a professional and creative logo design service for all business owners. We can provide high quality professional logo designs for your websites and business cards. Firstly, our logo process includes a logo questionnaire which you fill out. As a result, this questionnaire helps us to provide a great logo with the most creative result to stand out from the competition. Each logo we design is a custom logo specifically catered for your brand. When creating a logo, our design team create 4 variations for you to chose from.
Case Study
This is what the old logo looked like for Arcon Recruitment Services. The client wanted a updated version of their existing logo. A feature they wanted to keep is the interlinked chain.
arcon recruitment services old logo
Considering the preferences of the client, the following images are examples of 4 choices for the new logo. Option 1 uses speech bubble icons within the chains to convey that Arcon Recruitment services are about contacting and communicating with lots of people. Option 2 
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
The client was sent these 4 variations of their new logo. In his example, the client wanted to update their existing logo design. The new logo should be modern, maintain the icon of the interlocking chains, with an updated font.
Chosen Logo
After the client was given enough time to look at the logos provided, they decided that option 3 is the one they prefer. This logo keeps the original icon. The text has been updated to a modern font and the new design gives an overall refresh of the brand.
We’re your creative partner from start to finish. You will have time to decide on what you like about the logos. There is time to change or ask for more versions. Then, you’ll select your favorite and we'll transfer the copyright and send you the necessary image files. If you are interested in getting a custom logo use our contact page to get in touch.